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Soccer without drugs Cup !euroTC supports the revival!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

!euroTC supports the revival! We wellcome every drug rehabilitation institution and every sporting association!

Soccer without drugs Cup, established 1989, revival 2020 / 2021 (swdc / FODC)

Dear Friends,

the site still exists. It contains our history how we played many soccer tournaments since 1989. Many TCs participated during those years and the events are still in our minds; how we gathered, how each TC prepared the tournaments and meetings (including amounts of financial investments). We remember the many football games, the alumni meetings. Every participant was overwhelmed by the hospitality we received at each location. Almost all young participants were abroad for the first time and got to know the culture of the host country. (From Almonte, Spain, to Lviv, Ukraine, from Tessaloniki, Greece, to Bremen, Germany.)

What a good European idea, what a good EU project that embodies the basic ideas of a free and open Europe!

In 1989 the sport idea was brought to life starting in Berlin. The idea was immediately taken up by other TC, so that an international sporting event was held every year. The swdc / FODC is part of the history of EU therapy facilities. It represents the good development of the rehabilitation of addicted people in Europe. Dear Friends: you can still watch this wonderful story of the swdc / FODC on the Internet for some time. Our request is that we save and revive this wonderful idea. What are Your ideas to revitalize the swdc / FODC idea?

We would like to bring together your ideas on how we can revive this event and develop a proposal.

Please send Your inspirations to euroTC as well to Horst Broemer

We will care for Your ideas and come back to You as soon as possible.

Thomas Legl and Fernando Mendes (Board euroTC), Horst Brömer (euroTC/swdc and euroTC/child care project)

Vienna, Coimbra, Berlin, 16.11.2020

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