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European Projects

"Building an EU Consensus for minimum Quality Standards in prevention, treatment & harm reduction" - Conference hosted by the EU Commission in association with the Hungarian Presidency of the EU.

euro-TC vice president Christian Heise attended this important event as representative of euro-TC. A more detailed report about the discussed points and the outcome of the conference can be downloaded here.

euro-TC is active member of the ICAA (International Council on Alcohol and Addictions), president Thomas Legl is also member of the board of directors of ICAA.


euro-TC is active member of the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs (VNGOC).


euro-TC has been newly selected member in the Civil Society Forum on Drug Policy early 2011.

In addition, euro-TC has close connections to the EMCDDA as well as to IREFREA.


euro-TC is the associated partner of one of the work packages of the DCD II project.
The "Democracy, Cities and Drugs" project is the alliance of a network of 300 European cities with organisations issued from 7 European networks of the civil society. This alliance aims to promote local and integrated responses to the drug phenomenon.
The project intends to support the creation of local partnerships and to set up a sustainable network of exchange of know-how.

Based on the lessons learned from the 1st Democracy, Cities & Drugs project (2005-2007), DC&D II has the objective to support EU cities with developing local, partnership based drug policies, involving the relevant stakeholders so that a coordinated, participative, targeted, and thus resource effective approach can be developed towards drug-related problems.
Euro-TC is responsible for the work package “Treatment Challenges”, which involves five partner cities and aims at developing guidelines of strategies that are best for each city on a local level.

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