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Screenshot 2022-07-26 164549.png

FENIQS-EU 07/2022

  • Project update

  • Case studies

  • 1st round of the Delphi study

Screenshot 2022-07-26 164526.png

FENIQS-EU 02/2022

  • Implementation of QS across Europe and assessment of (implementation) needs and challenges

  • methodolgy

Interleave 10/2021


  • Call for contributions - Collect good practices questionnaires and be involved in a study to develop an intervention toolkit

Euro-TC 07/2020

EURO-TC 07/2020

• The social phenomenon of “illegal drug abuse” in Croatia

• Europe Aid Projects With Iran

• Seven EuroTC members are carrying out an Erasmus+ project

Euro-TC Spring 2022

EURO-TC Spring 2022

  • Report from Ukraine

  • INTERLEAVE Staff  Exchange in Vienna

  • Erasmus + project Handle it! 

  • First official German project for integrated substance analysis

FENIQS-EU 06/2021

FENIQS-EU 06/2021

  • Further enhancing the implementation of quality standards in drug demand reduction across europe

  • The EU Strategy 2021-2025 puts further emphasis on QS and evidence-based interventions.

Interleave 03/2021


  • INTERvention tooLkit to deal with women drug users victims of gEnder bAsed ViolEnce

Euro-TC 06/2020

EURO-TC 06/2020

• What changes for the TC and Residential Treatment during the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic – webinar

Newsletter Interleave 06/2022


  • INTERLEAVE research

  • On the spotlight: Vienna staff exchange

  •  Invitation: next transn

EURO-TC 12/2021

EURO-TC 12/2021

  • INTRODUCTION OF OUR NEW MEMBER FROM SPAIN – Fondation Santé et Communauté

  • Handle it ! In the final surge

Euro-TC 01/2021

EURO- TC 01/2021

  • Overview: Euro-TC and member organizations international projects